Q+A with Tiffany Pratt from HGTV's Buy It, Fix It, Sell It


TP Canvas Collection_HIRES-7How do you stay creative in your daily life? Do you have any tips for others? TP: I stay creative by making sure that my own inner drum is louder than the noise of the world.  Marching to my own beat ensures that my work comes from the heart and is created from a place of originality. I don’t watch TV, I look at the world deeply and I submerge myself in colors and textures as often as possible. I think of what I love and I focus on that.  I stay solutions based and let the magic roll in. Walk me through one of your favorite projects. TP: That is a big task!  That means I have to pick one! I would say most projects begin with a dream, a drop cloth, some glue, paint and glitter and the rest is history. Projects are like your life. You get out of them what you put into them.  My feeling is, as long as I can make something better and more beautiful….I am in! Who are some of your inspirations? What words do you live by? TP: I am a fan of Diana Vreeland and Iris Apfel for being powerful women with a point of view and a signature style. I also feel very inspired by Ganesh the Hindu remover of obstacles, the Sun and the Moon. People who do good things and people who think good thoughts or those whom own fabric stores inspire me.  I feel a deep draw to colour and texture as I see or flip through the pages of life and its magazine and book filled documentation of what is, was or can be done in both design and styling. I live by a lot of words: “More is more” “Blood, sweat & glitter” & the poem Desiderata. What tips do you have on how to turn antique or flea market junk into treasures? TP: Look for something that has good bones and lines that you can work with.  Ideally, it can be something that you can improve yourself that will not require loads of money to repair. You want to find something that you think is interesting or unique that is of value to you.  If you can see the goodness in something—once you have improved it—the good vibes will be all over something & people will want to scoop it up. Know what or whom you are buying for so that you can work on one project at a time and focus on a piece and finish it. Otherwise you will end up with 5 things all on the go and it will take you while to finish them all. Enjoy. Search for beauty and have fun with the whole experience. That is the point. TP Canvas Collection_HIRES-31 What are you expecting for the second season of Buy It! Fix It! Sell It!? TP:  I anticipate that the viewers of Season 2 of BIFISI will enjoy the vast array of projects that we tackled and get off on the end results that we individually came up with.  I also think that I expect people to get more laughs this round. We had some fun this season with the comradery and I think it will lend to a small BIFISI addiction. One of your advice from the Creative Mornings talk in Toronto about colour is “Don’t leave your life like it is all going to happen, you need to happen to your life.” Why is this significant to you? TP: This was a significant thing for me to share, because with little effort spent-- little effort returns.  Life is about movement, intention, velocity and attention.  This ensures that things are happening in your life and therefore you are happening to your life. I wanted to share my point of view that things do not just land on your lap perfect and shiny.  In life you have to get the sand paper out, spend the time and lather on the glitter glue.  Lather on that glitter glue, because the world loves things that are shiny and I believe we all can shine. That is what is happening.

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