Q+A with Andrea Morris, founder of B Yoga

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A bright Edison bulb materialized over Andrea Morris’s head when she began working with a type of rubber, originally formulated for carpet pads, at her family’s fifth-generation manufacturing and technology company in Toronto. After realizing that it was the type of material that had a grip-like quality and durability that would be perfect for a yoga mat, coupled with a passion for the past time, the B MAT and B Yoga was born. We chatted with Andrea about what incited her to pursue a career as an entrepreneur, her passion for yoga and the inspiration behind what she does for a living. What was the inspiration behind B Yoga? B Yoga was inspired by three deep-rooted passions of mine. Firstly, yoga—I’ve been an avid yogi since 1999. I find peace and strength through yoga, and always knew that somehow I’d link my professional life to this passion. Secondly, family—my roots. I took a massive leap of faith and joined my family business in 2011.  Something in my gut told me that this was the right move. Not long after joining the biz, I discovered the novel formulation behind our signature B MAT.  Our family business dates back to 1896, and building something on top of this foundation is an honor and certainly another driving source of inspiration for me. Lastly, creative business. I have always been driven by creative business opportunities, and B Yoga is just that—the perfect fusion of leveraging my traditional business training and my love and knack for creativity. So, B Yoga was the perfect storm for me that allowed me to tap into three very poignant passion points. What encouraged you to take the leap of faith and bring the B Yoga idea into conception? Well, intuitively, I knew we had something special and unique enough to take to market and succeed.  The B MAT was like no other and changed my practice, so I knew it could do this for others.  And, more practically, I also knew that the yoga market was growing, and there was room for a new player. These two factors really drove me to bring B Yoga to life. Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 4.58.41 PM What has been your biggest challenge in building the business thus far?  For the most part (knock on wood!) we’ve had a smooth past year and half building the business. Truthfully, our biggest challenge has been managing our growth and keeping up with demand—that is, maintaining inventory levels and customer responsiveness. On a more personal note, I became a first time mom just three months after B Yoga’s inception. Juggling mom life with work life (B Yoga is only a fraction of my job) has been quite the challenge; I suspect this will be ongoing. Day by day…day by day. What are words that you live by?  Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” This quote is so simple and yet so true and is the driving force behind our brand name. We want all B Yoga products to allow yogis to express themselves, in any way, shape or form that that may be. And, as simple as it may be, “In the end, only kindness matters” has been a mantra of mine since high school. Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 5.00.33 PM

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  • Patricia Jeter on

    What is different from regular Yoga which I really like.

  • Patricia Jeter on

    I really like yoga but am unfamiliar with B Yoga. What is different?

  • B Yoga Team on

    Hey Patricia,
    B Yoga prides itself in creating essentials for everyday yoga.
    Our iconic product is the B MAT. This mat is made of 100% rubber and offers superior grip and comfort, while being lightweight and easy for transport. The “grippiness” factor of our mats is probably the feature we get the most “wow this is awesome” feedback on.
    Feel free to send any questions to us and we’d be happy to answer :)
    -B Yoga Team

  • rita on

    Very intrigued with B Mat. I practice hot yoga quite often and would love to touch/feel the mat before I buy. Do you sell at any retail locations? Also – do you ever have sales or discounts?

    Thanks & all the best with your business.

  • Donalyn Sialiano on

    Where are your B Mats sold and how are they priced?

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