Our Favorite Halloween Costumes


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Whether it was our choice, or a costume chosen and made by our amazing parents, looking back at old Halloween pictures is always a laugh. We decided to dive into the past and share some of our favorite childhood costumes. Happy Halloween!


1. Kena, co-founder: "My mom always made me and my sister amazing costumes when I was younger. One year we went as Tweety Bird and Mouse."

2. Jen, co-founder: "The Asian Madonna."


3. Steph, graphic designer (left): "I was never enthusiastic about Halloween, so a witch costume was always on hand, year after year!"

4. Maddie, social media + web coordinator (right): "When I was five, my mom sewed me a giant felt strawberry suit, complete with a matching stem."


5. Lori, editor: "My brother, sister and I dressed up as farmers! My parents made us a truck out of cardboard boxes (and every kid at the party wanted to drive it)."

Gavin, merchandising assistant: "I was a black power ranger for about three years in a row. I think it's because I liked that he transformed into a mastodon."

Jen S., assistant merchandising manager: "Toronto Blue Jays Fan, 2 years in a row: I grew up an avid fan watching with my family. When they won the 1992-93 World Series back to back, I loved them even more. Picture a big blue curly wig, white painted face, the Blue Jays logo on my cheeks, a Carter jersey and a foam finger to top it off!"

What was your favorite childhood Halloween costume? Comment below!

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