Meet the breast pump of the future: Q+A with Cara Delzer, CEO and Co-Founder of Moxxly

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[caption id="attachment_6336" align="alignleft" width="300"]2016-02-22 5-58-38 PM copy Jen using her breast pump while meeting during BRIKA's early days.[/caption] If you’re a mom who has had the privilege of using a breast pump, we all know how gruesome the experience can be. The sound of the machine, the distinct sentiment of feeling like a cow hooked up to a medieval contraption and the overwhelming number of parts to assemble and clean are all intimidating notions for time- and sleep-strapped moms everywhere. The idea of Moxxly is mind-blowing because there is finally going to be an alternative out there that is modern, tech-enabled and allows today’s mom to pump wherever she is, with her shirt on (!). We’re so excited to have Cara featured here and to have had the opportunity to chat with her about the idea behind the design, and what has gone into a product that seeks to make the lives of mobile moms happier and easier. - Jen Lee Koss, BRIKA Co-Founder and mother of three Cara Delzer is the San Francisco-based CEO and Co-Founder of Moxxly, a company that seeks to reinvent the breast pump into a device that is discreet, practical and intuitive. After working at eBay and completing her degree at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Cara, herself a mother, now focuses all her professional efforts on seeing what was once an idea evolve into a fully realized product and business that recognizes the needs of modern-day mothers. What was the inspiration behind the Moxxly device?  I got into the lactation industry the old-fashioned way, by having a baby and realizing that the breast pump products that were supposed to free me up were actually tying me down. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur but I hadn't identified the burning problem that I wanted to solve until I sat for hours with a pump—frustrated, uncomfortable, and, eventually, inspired to do better by women. I quit my job and gave myself six months to find a "there there" in my business idea. Within three months, I found incredible co-founders and Moxxly was born shortly thereafter. My co-founders, Gabrielle and Santhi, came to Moxxly with unique perspectives as well. Gabrielle's a designer focused on creating products for women and she was also keen to change the breast pump experience. Santhi's a mechanical engineer who is passionate about bringing her skills to bear in women's health. We each bring unique skill sets and perspectives to the table, which makes for healthy discussion and growth for all of us. IMG_2150 What encouraged you to take the leap of faith and bring the Moxxly idea into conception? Becoming a mother gave me a super-charged boost of confidence and urgency. Life moves fast (especially through the lens of watching a tiny human grow!) and I realized that I was holding myself back with all of my "Someday, I'll do x, y and z..." planning. I wanted someday to become today. What has been your biggest challenge in building the business thus far?  We've had to learn as individuals and as a team to balance realistic timelines against our shared desire to get to market as soon as possible. We're much better at forecasting and planning now than we were when we first started, which makes it easier to set appropriately ambitious milestones and hit them, which, in turn, keeps us energized and motivated to keep moving faster. What are words that you live by?  Please and thank you. That sounds rather elementary but I truly believe that kindness and decency go a long way in the business world. I'm not afraid to ask for what I want and need and I try to always be grateful for what I have, too. Cara Headshot

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