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BRIKA is all about building connections and sharing stories that inspire and delight. While it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a dedicated team to build an online community — and we thought it was high time you got to know them! So we’ve turned the tables on our BRIKA team and asked them all the same questions we ask our amazing Makers every week.

Pearl Yeung, Merchandise Ninja

Martha Stewart Wannabe ~ Wanderlust Addict ~ Fashion Admirer

 "I believe that happiness is a choice. You can’t wait for it to fall from the sky!"

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Pearl's background - through her eyes: I grew up with a natural passion for art and marketing. I was constantly creating crafts and collecting magazine ads – I was literally gathering Absolute Vodka and Got Milk print ads at the age of 12! In university, I studied business with a major in branding, and started my first real career job as a Brand Manager in the consumer goods industry. After a few years, I went off to complete my MBA in England and attended Oxford (which is basically a real life Hogwarts). And now fulfilling my passion for merchandising and retail at BRIKA, I couldn’t be happier! What thing do you do everyday without fail? The first thing I do when I wake up is reach for my phone and with one eye open, check-in on the world via email, Facebook, and Instagram. What inspires your creativity? COLOR! Despite being called color blind by my boyfriend, I have always had an enormous passion for color and it inspires me everyday. Right now, I am obsessed with all things Lavender and Mint. Three things that friends may not know about you: 1) I collect beautiful teacups: 'What's up Queen Liz? Wanna hang? Your castle or mine?'. 2) I carry an old photo of my dad when he was a kid in my wallet. 3) Growing up, I was terrified of car washes... and truthfully this fear hasn't completely faded! What’s on your shopping list right now? At the moment I am dying for a pair of white capri jeans and this Columbian-inspired bag – definitely my summer must-haves. Where did you last visit that inspired you? Why? The last trip that really inspired me was visiting Africa last summer, where I spent two months in Kenya working on a project with 3 other classmates. I was amazed at how rural Kenyans survive off only one humble dollar a day, yet live with such spirit, gratitude, and content. From this experience I learned how truly blessed we are and it's taught me to be thankfully everyday for it. As well, seeing nature and its wildlife in its true and raw setting was incredible - there is no National Geographic photo or movie that can do it justice.

What’s your favorite: Dish: Anything on a brunch menu — I'll have the fried chicken & waffles, pancakes, sunny-side up eggs, side of bacon, and fruit ... please?! Drink: Strawberry Lemonade. City: Hands down…. Paris. I spent a semester there in university, fell in love with the city and have been obsessed ever since. Time of day: Just before sleep! Curling up in bed after a hot shower with a magazine or book. On my reading list these days — Fast Company Magazine and The Great Gatsby. Month: September. Since it is the month of my birthday, September is the beginning of the year for me, when I reflect on the year gone-by and start fresh again. Also, fall is my favorite season so that helps too!

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