Maker Match: The First Edition!


You’ve heard the story about Jen and Kena (a most serendipitous meeting!), and now we’re hearing similar stories about our Makers. Makers across the country are reaching out (through BRIKA!) and collaborating to create modern pieces with a story.

We’re kicking off the series with Tori Williams (One Eleven Studio) and Jacqueline Schmidt (Screech Owl Designs). Tori’s known for her clutches; Jacqueline’s known for her prints! They met through BRIKA, and teamed up to create an exclusive collection of bird-printed clutchespouches and carryalls.

How did the two of you connect?

Tori: I was checking out other Makers on BRIKA's site, and when I came across Jacqueline's products I was instantly drawn to her artwork and aesthetics.

Did the two of you ever meet in person?

Jacqueline: We never met in person. We collaborated over the phone which I tend to prefer over email. It's nice to get related before you get started. Please tell me about your collaborative process. 

Tori: I'm obsessed with birds! They are very symbolic to me. Birds are free to roam around as they please, and that's how I would ultimately like to live my life. It has always been a dream of mine to have my very own fabric with a bird print that had an artistic approach to it.

Jacqueline: Tori shared a vision board with me that had all sorts of bird patterns and designs on them. I asked her about her palette and what was calling her the most. Then I went to the studio to draw. When I had something I felt valuable to share, I reached out.

What was the best part of the collaborative experience?

Tori: First off, it was meeting Jacqueline and connecting with her right away. I was happy to find out that her love for birds runs just as deep as mine.

What might we find in your clutch or bag?

Tori: I always carry my sketchbook, iPhone, a small cosmetic pouch, and my wallet.

Jacqueline: For me, a mechanical pencil, a nail file, baby wipes (a must with a one year old), my son's binky and my phone.

What outfit would you wear while carrying your clutch?

Tori: I'm a denim kind of girl so during the day you will find me carrying my clutch with straight jeans and flats and at night switch the flats out for some sexy heels.

Jacqueline: Jeans and a tee (my uniform) or a simple cotton dress (my other staple). The clutch would be the jewelry to the outfit for sure. I love the monochromatic look with a touch of pattern and color when accessorizing. Have you collaborated on projects before? Would you like to again?

Tori: This is my first true collaboration and I would definitely like to collaborate again.

Jacqueline: Yes and absolutely. Especially with Tori :)

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Clockwise, from top right: Gold Hand-Stamped Polka Dot Clutch, Pink Pine Sticker Pouch, Show Your Stripes Notecards, Go with the Flow Notecards

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