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One of BRIKA's most unique features is a focus on beautiful one-of-a-kind exclusive items that can't be bought anywhere else in the whole wide world (or whole World Wide Web). The BRIKA Exclusive is a prized product, like this polka-dot clutch or ombre journal, that can only be found on BRIKA — we love that these products were provided based on the strength of our relationships with the Makers themselves.  

Now, usually it's only one or two items per Maker, but Kat McEachern of Percent Jewelry has taken it to the next level. Every single piece of her stunning necklace collection was made for BRIKA, and only BRIKA. We asked Kat to walk us through her jewelry-making process and explain where the inspiration for her exclusive BRIKA collection came from. 

[caption id="attachment_1402" align="aligncenter" width="468"]Kat McEachern of Percent Jewelry on BRIKA Kat McEachern of Percent Jewelry in her studio space.[/caption]

Every item of Percent Jewelry is handmade by me and completely one of a kind. I am inspired by the materials I collect — vintage jewelry, repurposed items and old beads I buy at flea markets and vintage stores. Coming up with designs makes a complete mess of my studio, though I try to organize my thoughts with a combination of sketching ideas and piling strands of beads together.

Some of the beads in my BRIKA collection I've had for four or five years, waiting of the right combination to let them shine. I love that the materials I use have their own hidden stories of past lives, and I get to breathe new life into the materials to create a totally new and one-of-a-kind piece to share. In the BRIKA collection, I'd say the String Theory Necklaces are "elementary-school chic" in honor of amazing teachers, like my mom. The fringe necklaces were inspired by a trip to the fabric store for a home DIY project that resulted in me bringing home several yards of fringe without a plan, and resulted in some of my favorite necklaces for easy daytime glamour with a t-shirt or dressing up a little black dress at night. I simply cannot stop making jewelry. I hoard vintage jewelry and beads like a magpie — the materials are the biggest inspiration for the form my jewelry takes. Sharing these amazing materials and encouraging women to make a bold statement with their jewelry are the inspiration for my business. - Kat

BRIKA Exclusive Percent Jewelry

BRIKA Exclusive Percent Jewelry

BRIKA Exclusive Percent Jewelry

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