How'd You Become a Maker: Jocelyn Negron


We’re always envious of our Makers’ ability to follow their dreams and turn their passion and creativity into a business, but everyone discovers their calling in a different way. Jocelyn Negron of Nicolux NYC explains the path she took that ultimately led her to becoming a Maker.


Jocelyn: I studied visual art through grade school and digital media in college. I'm drawn towards graphic design and digital art. My hands crave something to make while my brain enjoys creating the graphics, digital photography and web design around the products I make.

During college I paid rent by working in a pizza restaurant and selling reworked vintage clothing to boutiques. When I moved to NYC, I vowed to never work in a restaurant again but I didn't have the same resources as I did in Georgia where I went to school. I had to get my hands on something, so I started to think small and decided that accessories was the perfect way to make and sell something for extra money while I was an unpaid intern in fashion. One boutique in Brooklyn picked it up and I had a hard time keeping them stocked. From there, I kept making things and its evolved into what you see today.

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