How Team BRIKA has a Well-Crafted Holiday


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"My family always gets together on Christmas Eve to listen to Christmas music—my favorites are 'Little Drummer Boy' by Nana Mouskori and 'Silent Night.'" —Gavin, Merchandising Assistant

"My mom and I always bake a variety of German Christmas cookies, from Zimtsterne to Vanille Kipferl (and we recently added these Nutella cookies to the list)." —Maddie, Social Media + Web Coordinator

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"Every Christmas morning my dad and I go for a run and he dresses up as Santa." —Steph, Graphic Designer

"My nonna makes her classic pizzelles and tiramisu, and my mom makes an incredible multi-course Christmas meal (everything from prosciutto with melon to Italian soup with mini cheese balls to rosemary lamb chops)." —Lori, Editor

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"My brothers and I have to watch Home Alone 1 and 2 every year—it's tradition." —Jen S., Assistant Merchandising Manager

"On Christmas Eve we have Tortiere, a French-Canadian pork pie, my paternal grandmother is French Canadian. Then on Christmas morning my sister and I make eggs benny for everyone and my dad mixes up some mimosas (which always induces an afternoon nap!)." —Claire, All-Star Intern

"Eating and drinking and karaoke! My dad and I also distribute blankets to the homeless.... We stopped gifting each other things we didn't really need and started putting all that money into buying blankets." —Akanksha, Business & Operations Analyst

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