Have a Well-Crafted Week: February 7, 2016

art cool finds crafting creativity design Have a Well-Crafted Week

Art These experimental and eye-catching pieces of embroidered art prove that embroidery is not just for your grandmother’s cushions. Design Your interior decorator might become a little more obsolete with this new design app that will let you “try on” new décor using pictures of your living spaces. Creativity From reworking old books into poetic works of art to turning a doodle-drawing habit into a business, these everyday artists with otherwise less artistic day jobs prove that weaving creativity into their lives can be profitable in every sense of the word. Tap into your creative ingenuity with these tricks from three of history’s artistic geniuses. Food for thought Brain killers: alcoholism, impact sports, multitasking…? This article makes a case for why trying to accomplish everything at once might be a bad idea. (If you’re more of a podcast person, here is one that discusses the same topic.) If you’ve deemed 2016 the year when you’re going to make it happen, consider these seven things you should put in order to be organized all year long. Social media is a powerful platform used by female creatives to promote their art, but it can also serve as a breeding ground for misogynistic hatred—this article discusses how women artists deal with online abuse. Main image courtesy of artist Ana Teresa Barboza from this page. 

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