Happy birthday, Virgo!


August 24 – September 23

Personality traits

The most cerebral of the astrology signs, there are always a million things going on inside the heads of Virgos, even if it doesn’t seem that way from their cool and collected exterior. Analytical, practical and observant, Virgos have a methodical and vigilant approach to life, which sometimes means they struggle to tackle certain matters with the heart or gut rather than mind. Although they process the world around them with a profound sense of awareness, they also apply this inherent sense of watchfulness to others, making them loyal and kind friends who will always look out for you. At their worst, Virgos can be overly critical (of both themselves and others), demonstrating a tirelessness that verges on irritating when it comes to getting to the bottom of everything. Despite their finicky nature, the motives of Virgos are always pure, and their deep sense of humanity makes them generous and kind friends and lovers.

2016 horoscope

After a spring and summer replete with exciting romantic endeavors, new additions to your circle of friends and a previously untapped sense of creativity, a solar eclipse puts Virgos in the spotlight in September. On a professional level, this means assessing your current job (a sense of analysis is something that’s already deeply rooted within you) and figuring out whether or not it truly makes you happy – and if not, what are you waiting for? Your sense of perfectionism and ability to maintain your cool already make you an asset to the workplace in the career of your choosing. Don’t be afraid to keep your ear to the ground for other opportunities. In early December, Mars and Saturn will be working in unison on your behalf – don’t be afraid to take charge and pursue what you’ve always wanted to do. Carpe diem!  

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