Happy birthday, Scorpio!


October 24 – November 22

Personality traits

No one would ever dare call a strong-headed Scorpio bland – both because that simply isn’t the case, and because you wouldn’t want to risk insulting this water sign. Brave and resourceful, Scorpios are natural-born leaders who aren’t afraid to take charge and put others to work in order to get the job done. Determined and decisive, they are truth-seekers through and through, and will stop at nothing if it means getting the honest story. And when it comes to matters of truth and trust, Scorpios are your go-to confidantes – they value their dearest friendships and as such, will guard your deepest secrets closely. The utmost value they place in honesty, however, can be taken to the extreme, leading to feelings of suspicion and jealousy. These sentiments primarily stem from Scorpios feeling possessive over those they hold closely, but are small setbacks and part of a personality package that otherwise describes a faithful, focused and loyal friend.


2016 has been a slow burn of a year for you, Scorpio, but patience and reflection are two skills that don’t often come naturally – so you have, for better or worse, already learned the value in waiting and learning. Although it may have been difficult to see the merit in this at first, this process has ensured that more problems have been solved than created, and more friends rather than foes have been made. By learning to take a deep breath and pause when confronted with hardships, you’ve expanded your already innate sense of intuitiveness and softened your personality, which can oftentimes seem intimidating to others. Your most productive time of the year already took place during the spring, when Mars was in Scorpio’s retrograde. Just because the normally quick pace of life has taken a downtempo turn does not mean there isn’t inherent value in taking stock of what you have already accomplished during this ambitious year. Take advantage of your downtime to plot world domination in 2017. Whatever your deepest desires are, you have the power to possess them! Lisa Chow Scorpio the Scorpion print, $30

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