Happy birthday, Sagittarius!


November 23 – December 21

Personality traits

There’s an infectious quality to those born under the fiery Sagittarius sign, and for good reason: they’re generous, warmhearted and have a sense of humor that will leave pins in your side from laughing so hard. Huge believers in travel and discovering everything the world has to offer, the mind of the Sagittarius is more malleable than most – they are accepting of other ways of seeing the world and will listen to foreign philosophies with a sound ear and open mind. Ever the extrovert, the Sagittarius loves being at the center of attention, and they find themselves within this social standing – other people are naturally drawn to their mix of optimism and enthusiasm. The Sagittarius values freedom before anything else, and as such, they tend to be turned off of feeling constrained, be this at the individual or macro level. If you’re friends with a Sagittarius, hold onto them: their intense curiosity, spontaneity and love of adventure means they will always be up for a laugh and a good time.

End of 2016 Horoscope

2016 has been a mentally grueling and fast-paced year, and it’s time to reward yourself with some much needed R&R this coming holiday season. As a Sagittarius, you like to always have something on the go, but leave the temptation to plan a party to your friends and family and revel in the rare feeling of kicking your feet back. Getting into the festive mood may or may not mean engaging in more merrymaking (read: downing Christmas cocktails) than usual, but it’s important that you remember everything in moderation as your mental health will need to be in its sharpest form for an even more productive new year. Although 2016 has treated you well, avoid getting too nostalgic and remember to take what you have learned in the past to hone in on exactly what you want to achieve in the future. Lisa Chow Sagittarius the Archer print, $30

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