Happy birthday, Pisces!

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Characteristics of the fish sign Compassionate through and through, those born under the Pisces sign will stand up for what they believe in and are not the pushovers they may initially seem. As the most sensitive of the Zodiac signs, Pisces are adaptable to situations that others may otherwise find alien, and accepting of people’s differences. On the other hand, Pisces can often have their heads planted firmly in the clouds from their ingrained sense of mysticism on their eternal search for themselves. They fear confrontation and can be indecisive and self-pitying from seeing themselves as too much of a martyr. In the end, Pisces deserve to be cherished for their ability to feel empathy towards others, which means they are faithful, generous and caring. Horoscope Great news, Pisces—2016 is your year. You will accomplish many of your long-term goals, and in plain view of others, so your success will be celebrated. You may have kicked off your year already on a high note, gaining more friends or earning a romantic partner if you did not already have one. With your sign existing on the axis of healing, you will feel calm and at ease in your unconscious, psychic realm. Use this time to meditate on the present and reflect on the types of dreams you hope to accomplish for the rest of the year. With the arrival of spring not too long from now, you will feel confident in how you see yourself and have your finances secured enough to take risks in the upcoming year. Go forth and be bold! You’re naturally intuitive, so your instincts will lead you on the right path—be brave as you leap into unknown territory and embrace the scariness that comes with spontaneity. Pisces the Fish Print in main image courtesy of BRIKA Maker Lisa Chow.

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  • Kathryn Raine Holmes/Monaghan on

    I love this new website that has come my way…wonderful content and I thank you!All things that I find most interesting!! Super illustrations` as well.. Thank You,so!! Bravo to all that make this website happen!
    Kathryn Raine…..

  • cathy on

    To bad none of the stuff comes true. It’s a bunch of hoey

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