Happy birthday, Libra!


September 24 – October 23

Personality traits

A social butterfly at heart who loves nothing more than human-to-human connection, Libras are easy to get along with, smart and diplomatic by nature. Partnership is top of mind for many Libras – they hate being alone and believe experiences are best when shared. As an Air sign, those born under the Libra sign possess a keen intellect and thrive off clever discussion with those who also have the gift of quick wit. As the scale is Libra’s defining symbol, they naturally believe in balance and harmony, which is why they are non-confrontational and prefer collaboration over working independently. At their worst, Libras can be seen as too passive (as they are afraid to voice their true opinions and cause conflict), indecisive when forced to pick sides and known for holding a grudge. All things considered, though, their harmonious, gentle demeanors and willingness to share with others make them devoted friends and trustworthy romantic partners.


This September, you will finally receive long sought-after solace when a friend in distress finally gets the help they needed. Remain secure in the fact that you did everything you could to be a good friend without overstepping your boundaries or causing more anguish for that person. Things will continue to look up in October, as the energy of powerful and lucky planets will align to pave the way for one of the happiest and most fortunate times you will have had over the past 12 years. Be bold and take chances, especially when it comes to love: whether old embers will be reignited or new sparks emerge, go forth in good faith that no matter the outcome, your happiness levels will rise substantially on the romantic front. Everything good is possible for you – instead of wasting time thinking you don’t deserve it, take the opportunity to revel in it. This kind of luck doesn’t happen everyday.   Lisa Chow Libra the Scales print, $30

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