Happy birthday, Gemini!

2016 horoscope Gemini horoscope

Characteristics of the air sign Ever the social butterfly, those born under the Gemini sign are gentle and expressive with an insatiable curiosity. Represented by the twins Castor and Pollux, they are dual-natured in that on one hand, they can be quick-witted and brimming with energy, but on the other, they can be restless and indecisive. As an air sign, Geminis are fascinated with all aspects of the mind and have a desire to pursue knowledge and experience all aspects of life. In that respect, they have interesting opinions that they are not afraid to share, but sometimes this can be translated as naiveté as they are quick to form judgments without knowing all sides to the story. Repetition and routine are Geminis’ kryptonite – although, given their propensity to know and understand everything, this rarely happens. As friends of Geminis know, their company is never boring. 2016 horoscope While 2015 was a good year for you in terms of progress in your professional and social lives, it was also a stepping-stone for a solid year of success in 2016 – you will hone in on productivity and avoid impulsive decision-making. Mercury will be in retrograde in September, which will be especially potent in terms of your personal accomplishments. Furthermore, during this month and into October, lingering family issues will be resolved as Mercury will be in Virgo – you will be presented with huge opportunities to improve your private home life and influence interpersonal relationships to your liking. Signs point most strongly to everything going your way at the end of the year in November and December, as Mars and Saturn are both on your side. In either love or business, you will learn how to create a true partnership with somebody you trust to create something great. Gemini the twin print, $30, in main image courtesy of BRIKA Maker Lisa Chow. 9a8ba5e7f4f2381cedb505b3c83a4140

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