Happy birthday, Aquarius!


Characteristics of the water bearer Clever and inventive, Aquarius signs are humanitarians through and through. At the best of times, those born under the water bearer sign are a witty, progressive and creative group that will stop at nothing to get to the truth of the matter. However, their witticisms can sometimes come across as sarcastic or downright insensitive, and the unemotional quality they exhibit can isolate them from their friends and family. That being said, their unpredictability makes the Aquarius-born a truly original breed unlike anyone else. Your 2016 horoscope After an exciting January making headway in both the personal and professional realm, get ready to kick things down a notch, as February will slow down considerably. At the top of your list for 2016 is to ensure your finances are on track for a smart and fiscally responsible year—Jupiter in Virgo will motivate you to think sensibly and mange your money. A new moon in Leo in August can bring new changes in your current relationship or a new love altogether—either way, love will take precedence in your social life, keeping you busy and happy. Overall, 2016 is looking good for you, Aquarius—your intelligence and hard work will be both acknowledged and rewarded, leading to personal progress and success. Embrace it!

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