Handpicked: 8 celestial-themed jewels to add to your wish list

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We rounded up our picks for top celestial themed jewels, because what’s better than having infinitesimal galaxies in your jewelry box?
  1. “3 Wishes” opal and diamond pendant
Unite an opal moon and sun with a diamond star in this heavenly trio. 626023526e793c9762270c92778a1c5d
  1. Orb necklace
Bring a light orb to your neckline with this original piece of spherical silver that encases a rose cut, pear-shaped crystal quartz. aa7f01eee486d1856420de9df21c043f
  1. Bullet and gemstone necklace
Pair a cloudy or periwinkle gemstone with a gold bullet casing to channel the colors of the Milky Way. fe8a36fa534a9f7f9363dc6bb611a6e8
  1. Goldcoast necklace
The randomness of the organic drill hole pattern in this necklace mimics the constellations in our sky (and the randomness of the universe!). 93381a3cc0286c1f357a4fd6f3044db7
  1. Silver moon + star earrings
These adorable asymmetrical studs prove that sometimes simple is best. Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 5.20.42 PM
  1. Crescent moon necklace
This universally appealing moon silhouette looks great alone or layered. Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 5.21.52 PM
  1. Gold opal ring
This opal stone set in a gold sun motif is stunning on its own or stacked with others of the same kind. 2294b8ea26782876aa11775c12a721f9
  1. Crescent moon ring
This lunar satellite motif is reminiscent of something Sabrina the Teenage Witch would wear. 90135aaa6141a8a44d6542aaae490769        

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