Handpicked: 6 pieces that breathe instant coziness into your home

furniture handpicked

La Playa Blanket, $42

1. The Watson Lighting and Shelving Unit, $324 This bookshelf-slash-lamp makes a great addition to your bedside and living room alike. Whichever space you choose to situate it, make sure it’s within easy reaching access from your favorite place to be horizontal when you want to curl up with a good read. 80797a1237fa717b4e2cd0f7a97f1e19   2. Barn Wood & Steel Fox Desk, $920 There’s a certain je ne sais quoi element to exposed wood that is at once rustic and homey. This reclaimed wood and raw metal stunner boasts ample storage space and clean lines that are refined in their simplicity. 35d75a9a91fd3a9de8dc7135d13de921   3. Aging Copper Topped Cube, $430 Warm up your living room by using this copper topped cube as a side or end table to house your favorite lamp, centerpiece or succulent. The copper is not sealed or coated, giving this piece a raw finish. a0c0708cac1b889d798393552d1fb51a   4. Reclaimed Barn Board Wine Bottle Stand, $27.50 An optical illusion? Maybe. A conversation piece? Mostly definitely. Your kitchen counter, windowsill or dining room table just got an instant upgrade with this gorgeous reclaimed wood wine stand. (Long winter evenings do call for red wine, after all!) 794cd633b65ff91c075537b7659ae383   5. Key Ring Entryway Shelf Edison Lamp, $161 There’s something undeniably romantic about Edison lamps and the sense of Old World novelty they bring, notwithstanding the soft glow they emit that will instantly warm your entryway. screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-4-11-45-pm   6. Floating Magazine Shelf, $68 If you have a habit of collecting magazines that are sitting neglected and gathering dust somewhere, allow us to introduce you to a storage solution that works two ways: 1) it shows off your most coveted glossies, and 2) floating shelves instantly brighten your living space. 3fd0abd9ad5b7650aebcbf9bc84d38db    

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