Handpicked: 5 items to add more winter to your glacial wonderland

glasses handpicked necklace onesie pillow scarf snowflake winter

Snowed in today? These five products whimsically play off the snowflake motif that mirrors the sparkling white blanket of the snow outdoors. Stay warm! 1. Snowflake glasses The Nordic blue and matted silver snowflake motif on these highball glasses is ideal for serving boozy cocktails to keep your insides warm. 11d82def1eebe0b5a642c085787ad491 2. Snowflake white pillow When not enjoying the great wintry outdoors, hunker down at home with this snow-inspired Pendleton wool pillow. 311230999a02cba01c7a01556a8e4c93 3. Indigo snowflake infinity scarf This snowy white infinity scarf has a cute indigo blue snowflake pattern, great for wearing when baby, it’s cold outside. 0e2b980fd986259f8639ac4dbdbbfb07 4. Fawn + snowflake onesie This 100% organic cotton onesie, printed with a woodland creature emblem, is perfect for suiting up your little snow angel. d5344fe70de17f8a2cde28afe4410a48 5. Snowflake necklace Inspired by the majestic mountains of Whistler, Canada, this twinkly pendant is a hit even if you’re over winter. efdc4fb4f4a279dc4365b22331d11f54

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