Handpicked: 5 DIY kits to feel like a Martha Stewart maestro in no time

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If you’re not of the same skill standing as a Martha Stewart-level DIY maven but still have the desire to create beautiful and impressive works of art on your own, these DIY kits make it easy, and you’ll soon be fancying yourself among those who get asked “You made that?!” on the regular. (Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us.) Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 7.07.18 PM1. Year of Holidays Carve a Stamp Kit Put a stamp on it! This kit includes templates, making it dead simple to carve your own stamps and create wow-worthy greeting cards, stationary, invitations, or anything you want to put your mark—er, stamp on.           Kiriki-Press-Bear-Embroidery-Kit-2-BRIKA2. Embroidered Bear DIY Kit As needlepointing and knitting can often be a burden on parents in a time bind, this kit requires only basic sewing skills to create something by hand your little one will love.       Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 7.12.35 PM3. Easy Indigo Textile and Ink Kit Paint your basic whites into vivid indigo creations with this at-home dyeing (or should we say DIY-ing?) kit that includes a white scarf to be used as your blank slate and instructions for different techniques.           Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 7.14.01 PM4. Design Your Own Tote Bag Kit Who needs a paint canvas when you have a canvas bag? Let your imagination run wild in creating a work of art that you can bring everywhere. Express yourself to your heart’s fancy; the kit includes fabrics in different patterns, striped ribbon and glitter.           Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 7.26.40 PM5. Enchanted Garden DIY Kit Be a botanist for the day with this make-your-own-terrarium kit to create an eye-catching addition to your coffee table, mantle or windowsill.    

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