Handpicked: 10 host(ess) gifts under $30 that aren't wine

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With alfresco dining – and entertaining – season in full swing, chances are you’ll be attending more than a couple summer soirees in the upcoming months. While wine is often a welcome host or hostess gift, it doesn’t quite scream sentimentality. Below, you’ll find our top host gifts that aren’t wine. The best part? None of them will cost you more than $30. 1. Zebrawood Catchall Valet Tray, $20, Hook & Stem Organizing miscellaneous items has never been easier. This zebrawood tray – foraged from the forests of Ontario, Canada – is a unique, multi-purpose statement piece. a014b0a8043149a834771928fdb89c2e 2.  Mini Bowl Set (Set of 2), $16, Willful: Goods with Intention Perfect for salt and pepper, these cute pops of color will brighten any table arrangement. bb9d432e57e3c56d8afe88eed2e60c7c 3.  Campfire Caramel Sauce + Smoked Chocolate Chips, $29, Hot Cakes Introduce your friends to their new favorite dessert accoutrements, smoked chocolate chips and alder sea salt caramel sauce. 8dbb55300e70859c0db78d40cf0014f7 4.  Design the Life You Love, $20 There’s something for everyone in this inspirational guide to building the life you’ve always dreamed of. 1c435361c954ecbf3e87ffceb65ca587 5.  Lavender Soap + Scrub Set, $23, CeeCee & Bee For the hostess that could use a reminder to pamper herself – and nothing says ‘pamper’ like pure cocoa butter-enriched beauty products. a2a6a18ceff2ca4ac9b9f39372b60ac0 6.  Small Striped Porcelain Planter, $26, Taylor Ceramics Sometimes the beauty is in the details – like this simple yet sweet striped planter. 36eff09195d80f512cfd5bf2279b784a 7.  What a Thyme to be Alive Candle, $20, Candelles Whether you’re gifting this to a close or new friend, it’s hard to find fault with a cheekily named candle and matching scent. 4f58ebb96434cfea4420d991e67a2ced 8.  Assorted Food for Thought Cards, $18, Meeschmosh Oh, my gourd – rest assured, these punny, produce-laden greeting cards are sure to crack a smile in even the most discerning recipients. 713ce993dfa9f36850cb90c42f5c2c57 9.  Craft a Beautiful Life Coasters Set, $30, Richwood Creations An important reminder, handcarved into cherrywood coasters and exclusive to BRIKA. 7b03414061437b463b50696e2bc5ae7e 10.  Love the House You’re In Book, $18 Give your hostess the simplest gift: inspiration, especially given creating a beautiful space is the name of the game when it comes to entertaining.8929c3715b365f216a519609e5ba52df Not a wine giver? What's your go-to host or hostess gift? Let us know in the comments below!

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