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Emma Yardley is the wordsmith behind the BRIKA Maker profiles. As a seasoned lifestyle editor, she’s seen trends come and go and prefers products designed to go the distance. 

BRIKA Handmade Valentine's Day Cards

1. Love Greeting Cards, $12 (set of 4), Lilikoi.

2. Love Goes On and On Cards, $14 (set of 6), Dingbat Press + BRIKA Exclusive.

Legend has it that the first “valentine" was a letter sent by St. Valentine to the daughter of his jailor, a girl he had cured of blindness. He signed it, “Your Valentine” — and a tradition was born.

While we no longer need to go to such lengths to express our love for one another (St. Valentine was arrested for performing forbidden Christian marriages in a pagan Rome), the strength of the sentiments found in the fold of a handwritten note cannot be denied.

BRIKA Handmade Valentine's Day Cards

1. Love is in the Air Notecards, $16 (Set of 6), Screech Owl Design.

2. Sea How Much I Love You Cards, $16 (set of 6), Cartoules Press.

We’re living in an age where text messages have all but replaced phone calls and Facebook updates have become our main source of news from our friends and family.

Sure, it’s convenient and we’re not going to stop any time soon, but we have to admit that something gets lost in translation when we remove the “person” from our personal correspondence.

So, we’ve decided to take a page out of St. Valentine’s book, and put pen (or quill) to paper (or parchment) this February 14th...we’re going to write our messages of love by hand, chicken-scratch scrawl and all.

- Your Valentine, Emma

BRIKA Handmade Valentine's Day Cards

1. Zodiac Sign Cards, $26 (12 cards), JSGD. 

2. I Love You to The Core Notecards, $16 (set of 6), Screech Owl Design.

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