Hair Back, Earrings On!


We all have those days when we just can't decide what to wear and everything in our closet looks, well, blah. Instead of standing in front of your open closet feeling frustrated, why not redirect that energy towards your jewelry box? A beautiful pair of earrings can make an outfit a winner, even if your clothing choices are less than interesting. Experiencing a double whammy with a bad hair day? Even better — pull your hair back and let your earrings take center stage. - Kena
  1. Ornate Bronze EarringsElizabeth Rosas Jewelry
  2. Matte Black Dagger EarringsOf Matter
  3. Circle Bullet EarringsAli's Collection
  4. Half-Moon Hammered Brass EarringsYoung Frankk
  5. Bronze + Grey Chevron Earrings, arriving next week on BRIKA
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