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Striking design, gorgeous watercolor washes and adorable illustrations are all elements that are archetypal of designer Missy McCullough of Golden Fox Goods' aesthetic, one that we developed emoji heart eyes over on the double. When we reached out to Missy for our Gifting and receiving series, we got to chatting about the importance of giving gifts that are as beautiful as the way they are presented. Enter her own line of gift wrap – which ticks off every box when it comes to dressing your gifts in packaging that is colorful, festive and fun – and which we knew we had to stock immediately (and now do!). Read on for our discussion with Missy on the best gift she ever received while perusing her line of pretty packaging.

What's the best gift you've ever given?

I hand made a quilt for my best friend when she was pregnant with her first child, a girl. I knew how to sew, but had never made a quilt before. It matched the colors of the nursery and I designed a sweet owl sitting on a blossoming tree branch. It was way more work than I thought it would be, but I loved creating it for her. My best friend's daughter just turned seven and she still has it in her room. b657f58bba7296b91e4d3b716648eb9e

Palms gift wrap (set of 6), $25

What's the best gift you've ever received?

I've have received some pretty memorable gifts in my life. It hard to choose just one, so I will pick the most recent best gift. It was a Mother's Day gift given to me by my four-year-old daughter, Charlotte. She started attending preschool earlier in the year and I was looking forward to the handmade gifts I knew her class would make for specific holidays. She is a natural artist and she colored this pretty paper in my favorite colors and then her teacher encapsulated it in enamel. They drilled a hole and attached a string to make it a necklace. She also made this hand-painted box to put it in. My husband knows me well, and told Charlotte to give it to me before we left for our Mother's Day brunch. It made me so very happy – I was crying mess! That was the day Charlotte learned about "happy tears."

Why did you decide to turn your designs into giftwrap?

Every since we launched Golden Fox Goods I’ve wanted to design giftwrap, selfishly for my own personal use. The design process is very similar to textile design, and I really enjoy the freedom the larger format provides as an artist. Quality is very important to us too so it took about six months to hone in on the right printing process, paper weight and feel. Also, a welcome surprise is the emails and pictures we see of people using our giftwrap in unexpected ways. Like re-covering a lampshade, making envelopes, lining drawers and lacquering it onto a table's top. c18d453aeeff6418fada96c1f1ecbdcb

White splatter gift wrap (set of 6), $25

What do you think the value of beautifully wrapped gift plays into the art of gift giving?

I believe in great presentation and that the packaging of the gift is part of the gift itself. Whether it's craft paper, fabric or a traditional giftwrap, wrapping a gift doesn't have to be extravagant or fussy. It's always a nice touch when the packaging is just as thought out as the gift itself, something the gift receiver would appreciate.

What BRIKA item tops your wish list?

For me, it would have to be the Infinity Ring by Fresh Tangerine ($28).   66028ed36827b988cf502eeb09a8b75a For my home, I love the Walnut Wood Serving Board by Hook & Stem ($30).   099cc3d88dc29349344d3bec64324956 For my Littles, I would get the Cross Stitch Quilt by Auggie Home Collection ($150).   8d8ce4a0ad7fedb33857101833215949

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