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It's no secret among my close friends that I have always had a “thing” for Scandinavia (and Scandinavians). So it’s fitting that I married a Norwegian and like to call Norway “home” (at least one of them!). There are just so many things to love about Scandinavia—from their talent in all things design to celebrating a real culture of family.

Last week, I stumbled across two amazing things that I just had to share:

Invisible Bike Helmet

1. The invisible Swedish bike helmet

“If people say it's impossible...then we have to prove them wrong.” Forget hard shells for helmets; these two women have invented something so impressive and inspiring it will blow your mind! Watch the video now.

While we’re on the theme of bicycles, check out some of our fun bicycle-inspired goods:


 1. Put your stamp on cycling |  2. A cozy pillow  |  3.  I Want to Ride My Bicycle Print  |  4. Notecards for bike lovers! | 5. More bicycle cards  |  6. A must-have metallic case

2. 12 hours of knitting LIVE on TV  

“We’ll watch the arm of a sweater get long and longer; it will be fascinating.” I’ve watched a lot of “interesting” TV in Norway (i.e., Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights on New Year's Eve), but this one takes the cake. According to my husband, nearly 1 million people tuned into this broadcast. That's a quarter of the country's population... get the full story here

Plus, here are a few of our favorite well-crafted knits to battle the upcoming chill: knit

 1. Navy + Grey Cowl  |  2. The Maeve Headband

I'll try to share more awesome Scandinavian finds going forward. Ha det! (which means goodbye in Norwegian, of course!).

P.S. You might like these Scandinavian-inspired products: Here's something cute for the tree, plus take a look at Ulla Clark's line.

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