Cool finds: Ferris Bueller's bedroom gets new life at a Toronto art hotel

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If acid wash, harem pants and Molly Ringwald sound familiar rather than like made-up band names to you, chances are you’re of the generation that grew up watching the widely beloved 1986 teen comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. For a refresher: the film follows a day in the life of high school senior Ferris (played by Matthew Broderick), who fakes sick to get out of class and spends the day cavorting around downtown Chicago with his girlfriend Sloane (played by the babely Mia Sara) and best friend Cameron (Alan Ruck). The film has inspired boundless pop-culture references, including the oft-repeated, nasal-voiced line “Bueller? Bueller?” (when Ferris’ economics teacher is taking attendance and first realizes he isn’t in class) and Ferris’ line “The question isn’t ‘What are we going to do,’ the question is ‘What aren’t we going to do?’” when Sloane asks how they’re going to spend the day after having successfully gotten out of class. We love when we stumble across cool finds, and this certainly fits the bill. Fans of the film can rejoice—Ferris’ bedroom has come to life again as part of the 13th annual Come Up To My Room art exhibit at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. Built in 1889 and marketed as an “art hotel,” the Gladstone is located in Toronto’s hip downtown Parkdale neighborhood and a stalwart in the city’s west-end scene. “I thought, ‘What room would I want to visit?’ and frankly, that’s what came to mind,” said Sarah Keenlyside, the Toronto-based artist and mastermind behind the bedroom exhibit, along with creative collaborator Joseph Clement. The duo jointly embarked on a “worldwide scavenger hunt” for every piece in Ferris’ bedroom, posting a list of items they were looking for online, and foraging eBay and Value Village. As they continued to source pieces to bring Ferris’ world into being, the curatorial process proved to be as ephemeral as the exhibit itself, as it will be open for a mere four days. No detail has been overlooked on the quest to track everything down; from the mannequin in the bed to the E-MU II Emulator, most items have been recovered to recreate this veritable teenaged dream of an ‘80s era bedroom. The choice of which space one would recreate is certainly an interesting and ultimately revelatory one, much akin to asking someone which three people dead or alive he or she would have dinner with. “I don’t know if I’m stuck in 1985—there’s a part of me that is very nostalgic for a time before technology ruled the world,” Keenlyside put forth. “I think there was a certain innocence [to the 1980s] in that we didn’t feel so bad about our human ways.” The pursuit to recreate a world from a time past has been a months-long initiative for Keenlyside and Clement that has demonstrated their capacity to push their ideas, willingness to take chances and ultimately, evoke meaning beyond the room’s function. “There was a lot of optimism, and I suppose I long for that time and want to bring some of that back,” Keenlyside said. “That was the intention, to bring a happy moment into our consciousness.” Are you a Toronto resident interested in going to the exhibit? BRIKA has two passes to give away to you and a friend! Head over to our Instagram page and the post featuring the image above and tag a friend you'd bring with you for your chance to win! Come Up To My Bedroom opens tomorrow and runs until January 24th at the Gladstone Hotel, located at 1214 Queen Street West in Toronto.

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