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We often get asked how we choose which Makers are featured on BRIKA. We literally receive hundreds of applications a month in addition to the outreach we do. But unlike Etsy, BRIKA is not an open marketplace (more on other ways we are NOT ETSY soon). We stand for celebrating and elevating modern craft, so products we sell and feature must fit that aesthetic vision. Here are the rigorous filters a Maker goes through before they are featured on BRIKA: [caption id="attachment_2365" align="aligncenter" width="513"]Clockwise from left: Matt Voight, Milled & Co; Melinda Trembley, Rincon Road; Pamela Foeckler, Totem Blocks; Meagan Brown, Brown Pigeon; Daniella & Sandrine, Monorail Studios Clockwise from left: Matt Voight, Milled & Co; Melinda Trembley, Rincon Road; Pamela Foeckler, Totem Blocks; Meagan Brown, Brown Pigeon; Daniella & Sandrine, Monorail Studios[/caption]

1. Beauty, quality and originality of products. It all starts with an amazing product.  The kind that takes your breath away and you can't wait to share. At our office, we know we've found one when you hear first a gasp, followed by "guys, you have to see this!" and then a lot of "I love that!", "I want it!" "So cute!" get the idea.

2. Authenticity of the Maker behind the product. We spend a lot of time getting to know the Maker. They must be passionate about their craft, dedicated to their business, and have an inspiring and interesting story to tell. Often times the makers we work with have no idea how fascinating they are until we tease it out of them!

BRIKA Makers are part of a high quality, high caliber budding creative community.  There is strength in numbers, but even greater strength in a shared common vision. We are just at the beginning of an amazing journey. If our vision resonates with you and you think your collection is in line with BRIKA's aesthetic, we hope to hear from you!

From the mouths of (our current) Makers:

You just made my day :) - Annah Chokla, Boho Gypsy

I got your message on my blog about maybe being featured on BRIKA. I checked out the site and I LOVE it!! I would love to hear more about it, and I would do many happy dances if I were featured. - Laura Frisk

Thanks so much, we are excited about all the new opportunities and projects coming in :) esp excited for our relaunch on BRIKA! - Ryan Campbell, Zuzii

I just had a peek at the BRIKA site, signed up and really love it! Such a great concept and beautiful layout and design. I would be happy and flattered for Tilly Doro to join your amazing collection of designers! -Nogah Rotstein, Tilly Doro

Thank you so much for contacting me! I actually discovered BRIKA recently and absolutely LOVE what you guys do and the products you choose.  - Izabella Dennis, Fifi Du Vie

xo, Kena Co-founder & Crafter of Brand 581645_10151720410321826_355703382_n If you haven’t yet signed up for BRIKA, hop to it and discover well-crafted goods from inspiring and passionate Makers at (sample email newsletter here) Did you like this story? You’ll probably like these as well!
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