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As a mom to two little ones, Aksel (3.5 years old) and Annabelle (2), I am constantly thinking about ways to get creative with my kids, and, more importantly, how to instil creativity in them in general. The rule of thumb in our house is, the messier the better! You can't expect to start cooking, painting or doing an activity without the entire place becoming a disaster many ways, we aim for it to be! Given that we are constantly surrounded and inspired by so many of our Makers, we thought it would be fun to ask our Maker Moms how they stay creative and inspire creativity in their own children. Enjoy!


On encouraging creativity in their kids:

"I've tried to set an example for my kids by being creative in different ways (with my kids around me!), so they can see what a creative life looks like. Whether it's cooking, drawing, sewing, playing violin, or making ceramics, I will often try to encourage them to work on an activity alongside me with the hope that it will inspire a curiosity and interest in some of the creative activities." —Heather Dahl, Dahlhaus

"We're always creating mosaics with stickers while flying long hours on plane, or sketching things in our notepad of what we see around us. When we are surrounded by nature, it’s easier to find things to do like building sand castles; imitating sounds of birds; and exploring the jungle, forest and beach together." —Agni Tilla, May28th


"Creativity is a part of our daily lives. It's more than doing crafts, it's looking at things differently and making them work for you. I would always push my children to do things out of the box....let's just say our kitchen table was covered in glue and paper more than it was clean!" —Sofie Sausser, Simply Sofie

"I encourage my son by not telling him what to do or what not to do. I tell him to explore and do what feels good. No judgment!" —Kayo Master, Mi Cielo

On their own mothers inspiring their creative pursuits: 

"Growing up, my mother made everything beautiful. I didn't inherit her gifts for baking, drawing, or immaculate homemaking, so I had to find beauty somewhere else." —Meg Venter, September Wren


"My mother is an accomplished painter and she is actually the one who taught me how to sew when I was a child. Our kitchen table was always covered with a mix of my projects and her drawings. She gave me the foundation and support I needed to pursue a career in the arts." —Jajhe Ives, Baby Jives

On the importance of encouraging childhood creativity: 

"Children are creative by nature, and I think that if you watch them and simply give them the tools they are seeking they will amaze you with what they can do and create. The gift I hope to give my children is the knowledge that they can do anything they can think of. There are no limits." —Jajhe Ives, Baby Jives


"Being creative teaches kids to adapt, to think on their feet, to problem solve and to enjoy the active process of making. Ultimately teaching kids to be creative can give kids opportunities they might not have otherwise had either vocationally or personally as they get older." —Heather Dahl, Dahlhaus

"Creativity gives children the confidence and the willingness to learn about the things around them. I still learn so much from my 2 year-old son about being creative." —Agni Tilla, May 28th


"I don't want my children to learn life by a set of rules, because rules change. Creativity is invaluable." —Meg Venter, September Wren


How do you encourage creativity in your own kids, or how did your mom encourage you? 

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