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Next time you have time to kill, resist the urge to mindlessly scroll through social media apps (their use, in case you had any doubts, has recently been linked to “cognitive and moral shallowness”). Instead, unlock the creative genius inside with apps that were designed to trigger productivity, inspiration or simply get those creative juices flowing. We’ve rounded up our top picks below. 1. Skillshare Learn tangible skills you’ll actually use in a dizzying array of disciplines – from jewelry design to web development – from the comfort of your own home with this expansive platform for creative minds. Anyone can take a class, or teach one themselves. 2. Headspace We’ve all heard that meditation can greatly improve the quality of your life, but the hard part is actually finding the time and motivation to do so. Marketed as a “gym membership for the mind,” Headspace tailors meditation to different facets of your life you wish to improve upon, such as creativity and happiness. (Happiness expert and former BRIKA blog interviewee Neil Pasricha also vouched for this app.) 3. Noizio Designed to help you focus through a blend of sounds (from “thunderstorm” to “blue whales”), tailor your background noise to a blend that is customized just for you. The end goal is increased relaxation, concentration and productivity. 4. Truthbomb Like a Magic 8 Ball but an app that delivers daily doses of inspiration rather than murky-at-best answers, Truthbomb dishes out quotes and facts (“Freedom does not come from a checklist,” for example), that help give a fresh perspective or new attitude, which is sometimes all that is needed to get the job done. 5. French Girls A community-driven app in which you can peruse the portfolios of thousands of artists and commission them (using the app’s point system) to draw, paint or sketch your selfie using the app’s interface. You can even have your masterpiece printed! 6. Harmony 2 An addictive-yet-anxiety-reducing app that combines beautiful music, mesmerizing colors and puzzles that carries you through levels where you will work to reconstruct color palettes. Print in main image courtesy of BRIKA Maker Monorail

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