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If you often find yourself envious of the drool-worthy food photos that populate your Instagram feed, you’re not alone—we at BRIKA believe a world of beauty lives in every small thing, notwithstanding the gorgeous imagery that can be found on social media. Luckily, technology has advanced far enough that we can take impressive photos with an iPhone that are comparable to DSLR-quality images; Apple’s shot on iPhone 6 campaign serves as a brilliant testament to this. Read on for these few simple tricks that will have you fancying yourself a food photographer in no time. Use natural light. As with all photography, lighting is everything. The flash on your phone’s camera produces a harsh light that can be less than complimentary to both your plate and palate. Utilize natural light to your advantage whenever possible by placing your dish next to a bright window. Shoot fresh food. Just as you wouldn’t want to eat anything but fresh food, don’t shoot food that looks wilted, greasy or just plain unappetizing. Frame your shot as soon as the food is plated for ideal results. Learn to focus and frame your shot. Get creative with different angles (the more choices you have later, the better) and tell your camera where to focus by tapping the screen. Or, avoid the depth of field issue altogether by utilizing the tried-and-true blogger trick of taking your shot from a bird’s eye view (even if that means standing on your chair!). Framing your picture from overhead creates a beautifully framed, compelling image. Utilize white props. Using a big white plate makes for the best kind of background. In a similar vein, a white napkin is an excellent tool to reflect or bounce light and fill in dark areas. If all else fails, use photo-editing apps. As the Instagram filters can often times be limited in terms of displaying your food in all its mouthwatering glory, Camera+, VSCO and Snapseed are all great tools that allow you to adjust variables like white balance, exposure and saturation. Want to learn how to photograph your food like a pro in one of the world’s most beautiful locales? BRIKA, The Kitchn, Food52 and Refinery 29 have partnered with Annette Joseph to offer the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity take a food styling and photography workshop in the Italian Riviera from June 8-13, 2016. Head over to Refinery 29 to enter!

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