BRIKA's best: 10 places to visit in 2016

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See what's topping our list of dream destinations this year. (Warning: may induce acute levels of wanderlust.)
  1. Cuba: From the bustle and color of Havana to the scenic bike trails along the lush Viñales valley, add Cuba to the top of your list before everybody else does. If you’re an American citizen and don’t want to wait for regularly chartered commercial flights, here’s how to get there fast.
  2. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala: Dubbed by Lonely Planet as “the closest thing to Eden on Earth,” this massive lake in the middle of Guatemala is known for near-perfect temperatures and dotted by volcanoes, mountains and Mayan villages.
  3. Mexico City, Mexico: Incredible cuisine, economical amenities and a rich history are just a few of the draws if Mexico City, a world-class metropolis to be reckoned that is now safer than ever before.
  4. Iceland: Home to some of the most dazzling natural beauty on the planet, Iceland is an outdoor-lover’s paradise, replete with snowcapped volcanoes, gargantuan glaciers and geothermal lagoons.
  5. Vermont: “Vermont, naturally” is full of natural wonder any season of the year: the postcard-worthy pastoral farmland, mountainous terrain and rustic villages combined with an ardent foodie and craft brewing culture make it one of America’s most attractive states.
  6. Malta: Head to this isle on the Mediterranean for the hypnotic beaches bordered by translucent aquamarine water. Stay for the affordability, ancient cities, and the fact that this destination is still within the realm of being relatively undiscovered.
  7. Grenada: The southernmost archipelago in the Caribbean, the Isle of Spice is a veritable cornucopia of fresh seafood, charming plantations, quiet beaches and deathly but delicious rum punch.
  8. Slovenia: Oft-overlooked by its more well known European neighbors, Slovenia’s picture perfect villages, glacial lakes fed by thermal springs and emerald green mountain ranges will leave visitors stunned by the country’s sheer beauty.
  9. San Sebastián, Spain: Although visually stunning, there is more than meets the eye to this cobblestoned city along the El Camino trail: it’s widely heralded as a culinary mecca for its pintxos culture, and is a short bus ride away from Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum.
  10. Bagan, Myanmar: Lesser know yet rivaling other wonders of the world such as Angkor Wat and Machu Picchu, Bagan is an ancient archaeological city nestled amongst a lush plain with distant mountains. The best way to see it? By hot air balloon.
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