BRIKA’s Holiday Survival Guide

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For most people, the holidays are a joyful but chaotic time.  For every dinner, party or family visit on the calendar, there are corresponding tasks whether it’s buying a hostess gift, grocery shopping or preparing for houseguests.  Days off are often filled with busy-ness instead of rest and refueling. This year, make a commitment to carve out some down time. Let’s be honest, we all need it!  Here are some ways to rise above the chaos and truly enjoy the holidays this year:

  1. Plan fun, creative activities.
    Why not skip the marathon Netflix viewing session this year and instead brainstorm a list of at least ten outside of the box things you can do over the holidays?  Perhaps it’s an all day craft day, or a get together with friends for a soup-off or ice skating or planning to see a concert a month for the next year? Life is best lived through experiences so use this time to create your own!
  1. Think big for 2015.
    So many of us wonder at the end of the year, where did it go? This year, make big plans for what you want for your life in 2015. Get up early and before everyone else, make yourself your favorite hot drink, curl up with a journal and start writing down your hopes and dreams for the new year in detail. (more on this in a future post!)
  1. Be present in each moment.
    Sometimes we are so distracted about what we need to do next or what we should be doing that we don’t enjoy the moment. Commit to fully embracing the moment you’re in.  Taste the food you’re eating, listen to the laughter of those around you, appreciate every smell and sound that make-up the holiday season.  Try meditating in the morning to set the tone for mindfulness all day. Check out my favourite meditation app, Headspace, which teaches you how to meditate in just ten minutes a day.
The holidays are full of blessings, magic and love.  We wish you all of the above and more!  What are your holiday survival tips? - Kena Paranjape, Co-Founder & Crafter of Brand

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