BRIKA’s best: 7 ways to upcycle old clothes

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If you’re like us, you have a bag of old clothing sitting somewhere at home waiting to be donated, and the likelihood of it collecting dust is more probable than it being dropped off at the Salvation Army anytime soon. They say inspiration can strike in the most unlikely of places, so let us present to you Exhibit A—this aforementioned bag of unworn clothes—as a testament to this fact. Read on for seven ideas on how to repurpose old clothing by turning them into an impressive array of objets d’art. 1) Turn your favorite old t-shirt into a novelty pillow.   Have a tee that reps your favorite sports team or alma mater that you can’t imagine wearing again, but also can’t bear to part with? Turn it into a throw pillow for your rec or playroom. 2) Transform a basic tee into a cute produce bag. With a little bit of deftness and a pair of scissors, your old shirt will become a faux-crocheted sack that you’ll want to bring with you on your next trip to the farmer’s market and hang in your kitchen. 3) Repurpose a men’s button down into an apron. For the times when you don’t feel like going full Tom Cruise in Risky Business and dancing pants-less around your house, turning an oversized button down into an adorable apron is easier than you think. 4) Make a baby onesie into a stuffed creature for your little one. There’s not a lot you can’t achieve with a sewing machine and a little imagination, and transforming a onesie into your baby’s next favorite toy is evidence of this. 5) Bleach your denim shorts to give them a much-needed makeover. Who knew you could accomplish so much with a bucket, bleach and a toothbrush? The best part is that you probably have all these supplies lying around your house to begin with. 6) Create a boat-neck shirt out of an old polo. If you’re of the camp that Abercrombie polo shirts are a thing of the past, this surprisingly simple trick will have you rocking stripes like a French girl in no time. 7) Add a lace trim to shorts for a fresh and feminine feel. Transform an otherwise basic pair of shorts into something so pretty you’ll want to rock these all summer long.

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