BRIKA Makers: More than meets the eye

#BRIKAmonthlymantra Makers meet BRIKA

At BRIKA, we pride ourselves in connecting with the very best Makers in North America to make up our creative community. Building what you love into what you do is one of our founding values, and this principle is no better personified than our network of highly talented artisans. Delving into their backgrounds, however, we quickly learned that beyond the creative careers they have made for themselves, they have fascinating personal histories that transcend the parameters of being a Maker. In commemoration of International Women's Day (you can read more about how this is connected to our #BRIKAmonthlymantra and Women's History Month here), we will be celebrating the diverse narratives of our Makers with the #IWD2016 series on our Instagram. Here, you will discover that not only are they skilled members of a unique artistic community, they are also students. Teachers. Mothers. Scientists. Musicians. Each with a story to tell, no less unique than the next, united through BRIKA. Happy International Women's Day! Main image of Maker Andria Green

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