BRIKA Maker & Graphic Designer: Rachel from Pencil Shavings Studio


The Makers we work with at BRIKA are talented in so many ways. In addition to their craft of choice, many also express their creativity through photography, blogging, interior design, get the idea!  At BRIKA, we believe that everyone has a creative spark but BRIKA Makers have learned to ignite that spark into a roaring flame. We are so happy to host some of them here as guest bloggers.   Rachel Shingleton from Pencil Shavings Studio is a graphic designer who has turned her talents to creating gorgeous, colorful accessories. You can shop her collection on BRIKA for just a few more days! "Thanks so much to the BRIKA team for having me! I'm definitely in holiday shopping mode for my family and friends, but I have a handful of things on my wishlist too."

In January, I'll be heading to Altitude Summit (this time as a guest speaker!) and so I'm already planning what I'll be packing. Alt Summit is like summer camp for design bloggers, and the fashion can be pretty spectacular! I've got this striped Kate Spade dress (No. 1) on my list as it would be perfect for all the fun-filled parties that happen at Alt. But the practical side of me would love a new pair of Warby Parker specs (No. 2). During the day, these Charles Phillip Shanghai loafers offer just enough shine without sacrificing comfort. I also have my eye on this adorable bracelet from BRIKA (No. 4); I love that it could be dressed up or down and layered with several other bracelets. Finally, Alt Summit wouldn't be complete without the requisite roommates and so I've got my eye on this cute little nightshirt from J.Crew (No. 5). Thanks again, BRIKA! Check out Rachel's collection including this gorgeous Exclusive-to-BRIKA Lucite Tray. [caption id="attachment_708" align="aligncenter" width="469"] Gold Afghan Lucite Tray exclusively at BRIKA[/caption]

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  • Sandra on

    Hey Rachel – I’ll be speaking at Alt in January too. Very excited! I’ll try and find you to chat.

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