BRIKA Inspiration: Who, Me? Yes, You!


BRIKA blog readers, today we announce a very exciting NEW series called, "Who, Me? Yes, You!" Why is it called this, you ask? Well, it seems a simple blog post with this image caught people's attention, and it really spoke to them. It was like a light bulb went off and we realized we're definitely onto something here. There are lots of individuals who are just like you who have a creative spark and are empowered to discover the beauty of creativity — in their world and within themselves. We want to capture their journeys, so we have decided to share their stories on our blog in a regular fashion. Please join us for the ride, and if you are someone who is re-tapping your creative roots or exercising it every day in a way that you want others to know about, please contact us at And without further ado, we introduce a very lovely lady:

KATE NOWAK: MBA. Office Dweller. Reborn Creative. 

My name is Kate and I am like many of you. Let me explain by starting with this picture: [caption id="attachment_658" align="aligncenter" width="300"] I made this![/caption] That is me twenty years ago proudly presenting a quilt I made. I recognize it doesn’t look anything like that great new bedding you have your eye on but my little cousin in the corner liked it! And this is me now: [caption id="attachment_644" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Another day at the office[/caption] My expression is more like McKayla Maroney in this one. That’s because my main creative outlets today are Excel and PowerPoint. Ever since I graduated from high school, where my goals of taking Honors Art and Honors Calculus were equally important, my creative fire has been steadily replaced by career ambition and my free time by social events. And I am not alone. I regularly hear people say, “When I was younger, I was so creative but not anymore.” If you have spoken these words, then I have some great news for you — adulthood priorities don’t destroy your creativity, only bury it — it can resurface. Here’s how I know: [caption id="attachment_647" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Details from my DIY wedding[/caption] These are images from my wedding. Nearly everything was DIY.  My wedding proved to me that I was indeed still creative in the traditional sense and, as it turned out, the wedding-blog community agreed! [Readers, check out the coverage from Vera Wang's blog, "Vera Unveiled!]  However, it wasn’t until very recently that my true creative revival began. In the wake of the positive feedback I received on my wedding, I started thinking of ways to monetize my creativity. Surely I couldn’t make beautiful things simply to make beautiful things like when I was younger, right? So I landed on a clothing line business idea. Quickly though my fire was put out again by winds of value propositions and supply chain concepts. But then I had a breakthrough thought — how about design a single dress just for fun instead? As a result, I am currently in the process of designing a dress to wear to my sister’s wedding in April…and the girl holding the quilt is back! I'm going to be sharing my trials and tribulations with you over the next few months. So to all of you overworked and over-scheduled people who want to be creative again, my advice is to start reasonably with a single project and for no other reason but to feel the pure thrill of creating something.  

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  • Miss Lindsey D on

    this series is genius. So identifiable for so many, myself most definitely included. When I was younger I was also making something – crafting, writing a play, choreographing a dance. But GPA’s and career fast tracking got the best of me too. I am working to reconnect to the amazing handmade community and rediscover my passion for creation. I am so excited to see where this series goes!

  • Sandra on

    What a great idea for a series! I call myself a “recovering creative”. I think there are a ZILLION people out there the same. We all are creative and many if not most give it up at some point. Sniff…

    Here’s to starting up again!

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