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From Left to Right: Me, my sister, my husband and the beautiful bride! This past weekend was my sister-in-law's wedding. It was five days of family, friends, chaos and fun! Oh, and many, many outfit changes. I'm talking at least two per day.  But we love it, especially all the beautiful jewelry that coordinates uniquely with each outfit. See, Indian women have a deep-seeded love for jewelry. It is in our blood. We are born admiring the sparkly, colorful gems that our mothers wore and before we know it are sporting teeny little earrings and baby bangles of our own. While growing up, I never left the house with at least a pair of earrings on. And I have boxes full of gems that my Mom picked up at markets all over the world — all of which I still wear today. So it is no surprise, that many years ago, when I found myself with some extra time, I chose to express my desire to create by 1) signing up for a silver-smithing class and 2) heading to the nearest bead store. Jewelry making became more than a creative hobby for me, it became a new part of my identity. I was now a designer, a jewelry-maker. And while I was swamped at business school and interning at Gap Inc, I used jewelry design as an outlet to release stress and also to keep connected to my creative side. Big bonus: I sold my designs at school and to my colleagues at Gap! Clearly, my culture influenced my craft. This notion is what we are fascinated with at BRIKA. How does someone became so passionate to create? What led them there? Who and what influenced them? We can't wait to share the stories of the talented, passionate and dedicated-to-their-craft makers who we are working with at BRIKA. How has your culture influenced your craft?

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  • Bhavna Hinduja on

    May I have you know that I still fondly wear the one beaded jewellery set I bought from you when you threw a jewellery party at one of our friend’s apartments. It is such a simple set yet classy – goes with anything and it fits perfectly with my minimalistic style! Diwali’s coming up and I can’t wait to go into the super-packed Indian jewellery stores to see what styles are in these days! I love how we Indian women are “supposed” to buy gold/jewellery on auspicious occasions such as Diwali :)

  • kena on

    Thanks for your note Bhavna! So happy to hear that you still wear the set. :) And I totally agree, love how for Indian women, jewelry is a necessary luxury! haha

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