BRIKA DIY: Marbled crayon hearts

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With Valentine’s Day and Easter a little over a month apart, we’re surprised Cadbury hasn’t already jumped on the bandwagon and deemed February and March world chocolate months. If you already feel like you and your kids are drowning in the sweet stuff from gifting and receiving Hershey’s kisses and candy galore, try this simple and easy DIY. You can send them to grandma in the mail as a homemade memento, bring them to school as a fun giveaway, or even keep them stacked in a bowl around the house as a colorful home décor addition. What you need:
  • Crayons, unpeeled from their packaging and broken into bits (great for old stubs!)
  • A shallow, heart-shaped cookie sheet
  1. Preheat oven to 300°F.
  2. Distribute the crayon pieces evenly into the cookie molds.
  3. Pop your Crayola creations into the oven for 10 minutes. Monitor them closely to ensure they don’t burn.
  4. Let the hearts cool for 10 minutes, then turn the tray upside down and tap the molds. The hearts should pop out.
Spread the love! Photos and tutorial courtesy of Edva Sims IMG_0374IMG_0376

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  • brikaadmin on

    Hi Chris,
    Yes! By unpeeled, we mean the crayons should be unpeeled from their paper packaging. Hope this helps!
    - The BRIKA Team

  • Linda Crabbe on

    Those are so cool I’m an honorary great grandmother it would be a great gift to mom for toddler.

  • Chris on

    What do you mean by “unpeeled”? Shouldn’t i peel the paper off?

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