BRIKA DIY: Galaxy-inspired marbled coasters


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For this month’s DIY, we enlisted New York-based DIY maven Vivian Cheung to help us create these fabulous and shockingly easy marbled coasters. Requiring just four materials to pull off, we’re betting you’ll be fielding You made that?!­-type questions in no time. Try a light, bright, spring-inspired palette for the upcoming alfresco dining season! What you’ll need:
  • Ceramic coasters (we got ours on Amazon here)
  • 2-5 nail polishes in assorted colors (old, cheap polishes work great!)
  • A plastic container
  • Toothpicks
  1. Fill a plastic container with room-temperature water.
  2. Partially open all the nail polishes. You’ll want to work fast when pouring them into the water. Don’t wait too long, otherwise the polish will dry and not mix as well.
  3. Pour your first color into the container of water. If you want a full colored design, pour a light drizzle. If not, aim for 5-7 drops.
  4. Pour your second color, followed by the third, fourth, fifth...the sky’s the limit with how many you choose to mix! Note that you don't need as much polish for the secondary colors.
MarbledCoasters_DIY5. Using a toothpick, carefully mix to create a marbled pattern. You’ll want to use light touches – 1-3 strokes is ideal. 6. Dip your coaster into the marbled nail polish. Wear rubber gloves if you want to keep your hands clean. Toothpick_MarbledDesign7. Remove the coaster, and let dry on a covered surface overnight. 8. To protect your design and prevent chipping, paint the entire surface with clear nail polish the next day. 9. Enjoy! Final_MarbledCoasters copy

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