BRIKA DIY: Create your own gallery wall

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Hanging a gallery wall is a simple and effective way to elevate the ordinary and will have you pinning the product of your creation to your interior design inspiration board in no time. We’ve laid out a few guidelines below, but the most important thing to remember is not to overthink it – get creative and have fun! Mixing and matching art you’ve collected over the years will already be a natural extension of your personality, so you’re already halfway to creating a statement wall worth showing off. Before you hang:
  • Ensure all your art is framed with 2-3 styles of frames. This will add an element of consistency to the overall aesthetic so you can really throw caution to the wind when it comes to putting everything together.
  • Lay all your pieces on the floor. Start with 1-2 centerpieces – the largest and boldest prints that will anchor the rest – then build your collage out using smaller pieces.
  • Snap a few bird’s-eye view pictures of the collage, then play around with the arrangement until you’ve calibrated all the pieces to your liking.
Tips to keep in mind: 1.  Add in your favorite quotes. Mixing up the mediums and incorporating bold typography amongst your prints will add dimension to your collage. f3b9a04b298e1918532f4c08b5b83b30

Seeing wonderful things print, $35


Creative spark print, $18

2. Incorporate prints in bright pops of color to accent the more subdued pieces.


Shine bright print, $16


Parenting swatches chart, $25

3.  Or, try a completely black-and-white palette for a monochromatic look that is classic but still striking.


Eyes black print, $16


Feather study #9, $54

4.  Mix in abstract patterns as an easy way to contrast the content of each piece on your wall.


Brooklyn layered print, $40


Geometric art print, $18

5.  Play with frame size – from big to miniscule, the sky’s the limit in terms of the scale of your pieces.


Let your light shine print, $16


Mod hearts print, $18

When you’re ready to hang:
  • Ensure your art is 1.5 – 3” apart and that the spacing, whichever length you choose, remains uniform throughout.
  • Share your Louvre-level wall with us on social media by tagging us @shopbrika!

Photo in main image courtesy of We Are Scout

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    Glad you enjoyed! Anyone can find their creative spark and build their well-crafted life.

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    Amazing art pics for room wall decoration.Inspiring and helpful post.Thanx.

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