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Melissa Johnson, the Founder and Creative Director of lifestyle website Best Friends For Frosting, shares her secrets to entrepreneurial success with us! Bubbly, genuinely nice, and most of all, relatable, Melissa uses her innovative personality to connect readers with creativity, all while having fun. From collaborations with Martha Stewart and Modcloth to contributing to Redbook Magazine, Baby Center and QVC, the multi-passionate entrepreneur has not only built a thriving business, but she has also cultivated a loyal community of like-minded readers.


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Tell us about Best Friends for Frosting.

Best Friends For Frosting aims to inform, excite, and inspire readers with creative ideas for celebrating the everyday, all while loving your life from the inside out. We believe every day is a reason to celebrate—it shouldn’t just take a holiday or birthday party to bust out the confetti or make a glamorous cake. Whatever you do in life, we believe in always bringing your whole self to the table. Celebrate today and be the best version of yourself!

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What have been your three biggest business successes? 

Collaborations: The first year I launched Best Friends For Frosting, I did everything from home. It was challenging to make a name for myself, and working at a computer all the time was lonely. So the next year, I decided to hit the pavement! I started collaborating with talents from all over the place, both local and national. We found tons of content that fit our style and started sharing everything from videos to photoshoots to features. Collaborating was the best thing I could have done for my business. I am so passionate about this topic that I’ve created a slideshow for 2013’s Alt Summit For Everyone. I will also be speaking at the Pursue Workshop in April covering this topic.

It never feels like “work": Our team is so passionate about what they do that it doesn’t feel like work for anyone—including me! I’m in love with what I get to do. Sometimes I still can’t believe that I turned my passion for confetti, glitter, and frosting into my own full-time job. I love that saying: “if your dream job does not exist, you must create it.”


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Engaged following: Best Friends For Frosting has the best readers we could ask for. They go above and beyond in getting involved, whether they’re sharing our content on social media or commenting their own ideas! What have been your 3 biggest business challenges?  Finding our voice: I started Best Friends For Frosting as a dessert blog, but as our readers grew, we wanted to grow with them! Either way you slice it or dice it, you can find trends across the board for so much more than just desserts—think fashion, interior design, DIY—the list goes on and on! So last year, we decided to re-launch Best Friends For Frosting as a lifestyle website that serves as a daily inspiration guide.


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Re-launching: Re-launching was a much bigger project than I ever imagined. We re-designed the website, hosted a virtual Instagram re-launch party, and also hosted an in-store re-launch party at West Elm! It was all wild, but I have to say, the work behind the scenes was even more exhausting. We re-branded ourselves entirely.

Saying no: This is my least favorite part. I’m one of those people where if I could do it all, I would totally do it all. I just love networking. I used to be the queen of over-extending myself, and a couple years back, some major projects suffered because of that. Now whenever I see a fun opportunity, as much as I want to just go for it, I think on it first. I ask myself a series of questions, and I make sure it balances out as a whole for everyone before I commit.


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What advice would you give to others just starting out as entrepreneurs? Don’t forget: “Your dream job does not exist, you must create it.” Start your business from a place of real passion, and I promise the rest will shine right through. I am a huge fan of blending passion and personality. There is only one version of you, and that just can’t be replicated. You will always be your own best asset that sets you apart from others. Nike says it best: Just do it! We're excited to host an Instagram giveaway together! Follow both Best Friends for Frosting and us to enter. 


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