BRIKA-Behind-the-Scenes: How We Chose the Name BRIKA


Choosing a name for your business is hard. I imagine it is like choosing a name for a baby.  You want the name you choose to give your "baby" a head start in life. You want a name that will suit them now but will also grow with them as they grow. And, you want a name that will be easy to remember and pronounce.  Finally, it just has to FEEL right.

Jen and I went through several names before arriving at BRIKA (bree-ka). We hit up against all the usual walls when choosing a name for an online business. That URL is being used. This one is not being used but the owner wants $20K for it. And that one has too many potential trademark infringement risks. So after hitting our heads against the wall with name after name, we delegated some of the homework to a trusted, respected source: my mom.

My mom is a linguist and a word fanatic. She will literally read the dictionary for fun.  Within a day or so, she'd come up with a bunch of great names which Jen and I then researched and pondered over. One of those words was fabrica, the Spanish word for factory. We loved the look and the sound of the word, but of course it was taken. So Jen suggested shortening it to "brica" and we swapped out the "c" for a "k" and finally our "baby" had the perfect name. We love the irony of the origin of the name BRIKA because none of the products we will sell will ever be generic or mass-made. Entrepreneurs out there, how did you choose the name for your business? Here are some great articles on how to help you choose a name for your business:
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