BRIKA back to school giveaway!


Officially, there are 30 more days of summer until the Fall Equinox on September 22. Unofficially, however, there’s exactly one week until September (when fall undeniably registers in our consciousness), meaning there are seven full days to check any last-minute items off your summer or brush up on how to make the most of the end of your summer. Luckily, the longer Labor Day weekend somewhat mitigates back to school growing pains, and in that sense, we’re also here to help. We’re offering over $100 of products in this giveaway, which includes the following:
  • Molly M metallic leather pouch
  • Sprouts Press leather journal
  • Casey D Sibley coin pouch
  • Avril Loreti set of 2 notebooks
  • Casey D Sibley tray
Think of it as a consolation prize of sorts, if you're already lamenting the end of lazy summer days. To enter, simply leave a comment below letting us know what inspires you about the fall season – is it the chance for a fresh start? The crisp air that lets you show off your sartorial chops/lessons in layering? We want to know! We’ll reach out to the lucky winner on September 1st. Good luck!

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  • Britt Jenkins on

    The changing of seasons, especially in New York inspires, changes and opens up perspectives and freshness. In a city that is constantly moving forward, the change of seasons evokes a fresh start, a chance to reinvent yourself. Who knows what will happen when the weather cools down a bit?

  • Kelly A on

    Oh man – what about fall doesn’t inspire me? The minute the sun hits the sky in a different way once the days start to shrink. The fresh, clean, life-giving air. The amazing colors. AWL OF THE GOURDS. Being able to utilize my plethora of scarves. The new seasons of the best tv shows. Football. PSLs. There is nothing better than the season of the basic girl. I love each and every minute of it. If there was ever a place for fall 24/7, I would live there the rest of my days.


    What inspires me about fall is the colors! Oh, I cannot wait for the trees to change colors! The colors change and then it’s evenings by the fire in the back yard (with cocoa for the kids and warm grown-up drinks for us) and warm fuzzy sweaters with beautiful crispness in the air! My kids, raking the leaves and diving into the piles! Those are the absolute most wonderful pictures too! Long walks down sidewalks covered in dried leaves…
    And the best part… NO MORE LAWN MOWING! With any luck, the snow blower won’t come out until the new year, and we get to have a few months of nothing but cleaning up the yard in preparation for next spring.
    Fall, it’s inspiring in so many ways! My most favorite of the seasons! Part of me wishes I could have it all the time… but then I wouldn’t appreciate it as much as I do this way!

  • Susan Blommer on

    Fall inspires me with the colors of the leaves. The beauty is inspiring. It lifts the spirits and reminds me to appreciate the beauty of the simple things in life.

  • Alexis on

    I am inspired by the cool fall weather, the jewel tone color palette, and baking scrumptious pies and treats for my family :)

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