BRIKA back to school giveaway!


Officially, there are 30 more days of summer until the Fall Equinox on September 22. Unofficially, however, there’s exactly one week until September (when fall undeniably registers in our consciousness), meaning there are seven full days to check any last-minute items off your summer or brush up on how to make the most of the end of your summer. Luckily, the longer Labor Day weekend somewhat mitigates back to school growing pains, and in that sense, we’re also here to help. We’re offering over $100 of products in this giveaway, which includes the following:
  • Molly M metallic leather pouch
  • Sprouts Press leather journal
  • Casey D Sibley coin pouch
  • Avril Loreti set of 2 notebooks
  • Casey D Sibley tray
Think of it as a consolation prize of sorts, if you're already lamenting the end of lazy summer days. To enter, simply leave a comment below letting us know what inspires you about the fall season – is it the chance for a fresh start? The crisp air that lets you show off your sartorial chops/lessons in layering? We want to know! We’ll reach out to the lucky winner on September 1st. Good luck!

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  • Lindsey on

    The fall season, with it’s crisp air and falling leaves, inspires me to slow down and take time to see the beauty in my life. Summer can be go-go-go, full of adventures and family time and one too many sunburns. But fall encourages me to look at the world through a refreshing lens of thankfulness. But also, who’s not rejoicing over the return of the pumpkin spice latte?!

  • Caitlin Furger on

    Oh it’s the best! The changing colours, bringing the layers back into your wardrobe, the increase of London Fogs and strolls wearing a toque…and my son is 1.5 this fall so it will be so fun watching him frolic in the leaves!

  • kelli on

    being in texas, fall is definitely motivating for me once the cooler weather gets here. i feel more productive – getting outside with the kids, working out, exploring new places – because then the heat isn’t a factor. usually, i feel stuck indoors trying to keep cool, or chunking out so much money to take the kids out to indoor places, so i feel more in control of my choices in the fall and winter. it’s just so much more pleasant and makes me extremely happy! i love fall. it absolutely does feel like a new start.

  • Amanda on

    I was truly thinking exactly that, fall feels like more of a fresh start for me then spring. I was born on 9/22 maybe that has something to do with it. Crisp air, milder temps, crunchy leaves, all motivate me to do better.

  • Gillian Armstrong on

    New (fall) veggies in my garden!

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