Behind the Goods: Canadiana-inspired enamelware from Forest & Waves

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When we first came across Edward Juan of Forest & Waves’ designs, we were smitten by the nature-centric illustrations on his line of enamelware that is practical enough for camping but charming enough for home use. BRIKA chatted with Ed about how the ocean, mountains and trees have been his greatest muse in his journey as an artisan in home goods.

Where do you find the inspiration for your design?

Mostly nature, but also everywhere! I live in Vancouver, B.C., where the mountain meets the ocean. I get my inspiration from a hike or a jog through Stanley Park, which is right by my house. I also live right by the English Bay Beaches, so it’s a perfect mashup of urban and wildlife scenery. screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-2-27-01-pm

Walk us through the production process.

It’s a marathon! Each product goes through a different process, though everything starts from a piece of paper and a pen. I always sketch out every single idea into a product, then I consider design to maximize affordability, profitability and appeal.

What does living a well-crafted holiday mean to you?

I love the DIY culture, and it brings out the entrepreneur in of each of us. In the last decade, I've seen a rapid growing revival of market and craft. I first got my start in the Maker scene organizing a holiday bazaar, where I realized there is a demand for beautifully designed products. The seed was planted six years ago, and I started Forest and Waves three years later. Without the craft holiday scene, I don't think I would have such a strong feeling towards the idea.

How do you stay creative?

I'm a really recreational, active person, and I always find my creativity there. I was just backpacking through the Mount Assiniboine Pass in Alberta, and the scenery was so epic and beautiful that I can't get the visual out of my mind. I feel like photos don't do it justice, but maybe my drawings can somehow translate that thrill or inspiration I felt onto paper. It’s those type of moments that I crave and plan on doing forever. screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-3-09-40-pm

Edward Juan, Forests & Waves Founder

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