Become an expert-level artisan with Skillshare for less than a dollar


How often do you see something amazing someone else is doing, only to think, I could do that? Only to have the immediate follow-up thought; if only I had more time/money/insert mitigating circumstance here? If you can relate to this scenario (and honestly, even if you can’t), we have good news: BRIKA has teamed up with Skillshare to make all of your aspiring artisan dreams come true. For the uninitiated, Skillshare is a learning community for creators, where you can take an online class and learn anything from jewelry design and digital photography to fine art and content marketing. As part of this awesome partnership, you’ll receive a three-month Skillshare Premium account — meaning unlimited access to over 9,000 classes, and the ability to download them for later offline access — for a cool 99 cents. Click here to access this exclusive offer. Using our very own BRIKA products, here’s a primer on what kind of mastery you can make your own through Skillshare:


Watercolor Birch & Bliss Pastel Moon Print, $23 How downright dreamy is this full moon print? Hop to it and make moves to create a pastel-hued dream come true of your own. Watercolor Textures for Graphic Design walks you through the ins and outs of watercolor – from creating colorful textures of your own to scanning, color adjusting and even creating patterns using your creation, or applying it to typography.


Typography Farewell Paperie Let the Cake Win Print, $22 If you ever catch yourself doodling in your prettiest handwriting and had the inkling to make something out of it – like this Let the Cake Win print – you’ve officially run out of excuses. Paper to Digital: Create Your Own Hand Drawn Font will illustrate (yup, pun intended) how to create your own font, from paper to print.

Leather accessories

Leather work The Shoppery Leather Bucket Bag, $200 Bucket bags continue to be the accessory du jour for their refined simplicity and functionality, and the reason why the Hadley Bucket Bag ranks high in our list of covetable leather accessories. With some patience, attention to detail and dexterity, this DIY Leather Bucket Bag tutorial takes you, step by step, through how to make one of your own (ensuing bragging rights definitely permitted). Ready to become a DIY guru for just 33 cents/month? Click here for our exclusive offer through BRIKA's partnership with Skillshare.

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