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I've known Becca (a.k.a. "Downtown-Becca-Brown") for over 15 years. We played on the lacrosse team together in college. I have always fiercely admired her — she's beautiful, smart, athletic and is probably one of the kindest and most caring individuals I know. What I especially love about Becca is that she left her job as an investment banker, met her "soulmate" (pun totally intended) and business partner Monica at Columbia Business School, developed a GENIUS product that combats those "my-heels-are-totally-stuck-in-the-mud" moments, and set out to make her dreams a reality. Talk about a go-getter! - Jen [caption id="attachment_2462" align="aligncenter" width="432"]BRIKA-celebrates-success-solemates-becca-brown Monica Ferguson + Becca Brown[/caption] Becca Brown is a co-founder of Solemates, a genius contraption that makes walking in heels on grass and cobblestone a breeze. Solemates come in twelve styles and are carried in over 2,000 stores, including Nordstrom, David's Bridal and DSW, and has been featured in The Knot, Glamour, O Magazine (Oprah and Gayle are customers), Real Simple and on The Today Show and The View. Over 1 million Solemates have been produced and shipped to over 20 countries.


Of course building a successful business doesn't come without a learning curve and a few roadblocks. Becca shares a few challenges that come with starting your own business:

Navigating the growth path.  As we grow, we are faced with more and more options on how to grow, and into which areas and how. It's challenging as an entrepreneur to not pursue certain opportunities when they present themselves, because of the "what if" factor. Sometimes the best plans change course, so when it comes to our growth strategy, it is always a fine balance between staying on course and allowing for flexibility.

Patience.  Again, as an entrepreneur, we have very high expectations and sometimes a very low tolerance for time. Realizing that things always take longer and (most of the time) end up costing more than originally anticipated, is a very valuable lesson, but one that is hard to manage.

Hiring the right partners.  We have had some great partners and employees, and some that don't work out so well. It's a part of life and business. We have witnessed the "dark horse" phenomenon many times too — sometimes it's the opportunities and/or people you least expect that end up adding the most value.

Keeping the big picture in focus.  As we grow, running our day-to-day becomes more complicated, and Monica and I are constantly wearing many different hats, and switching gears to focus on issues all over the spectrum of our business (from marketing to manufacturing). It's important for us to step back and refocus on our big picture strategy, as to not get too lost in the weeds.

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