Beat your creative block with this simple trick


By Alison Stevenson from Flo and Frank - Your Netflix for content  Sometimes, I am so creatively blocked up that I yearn for there to be a mental colonic that could release everything clogged up in my mind in one big, messy, go. Until the day that gets made, however, I’ll settle for this simple solution from New York Magazine‘s The Science of Us series: power through. Yes, it does sound too good to be true but research out of Northwestern University has shown that those who are feeling completely stumped in finding a creative solution to a problem really just need to keep on ruminating. Psychologists assigned research subjects a series of tests that required them to come up with as many solutions as possible for a series of problems. “In each test, the subjects work for a few minutes, then stopped, and then the researchers asked them to estimate how many more ideas they thought they’d be able to come up with,” the video explains. “Then the subjects actually did come up with more ideas and guess what happened?” brain The subjects underestimated the number of ideas they would be able to come up with if they spent more time. The study found that they would then consistently come up with way more ideas than they thought they were going to. “In fact, the longer the study participants spent brainstorming, the more creative their answers became,” the video says. If the subjects hadn’t been pushed to produce more, they might not have thought to think more creatively. We tend to give up too easily when we feel like we’re out of ideas. It’s time to stop that. The things our brains can come up with are truly fascinating so trust that your brain will not disappoint you. Unless all it wants you to do is play Candy Crush (I think I might have a serious problem). flofrank_1718x320

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