Back-to-School Tips from Maker Moms



We asked some of our Maker moms how they make that transition back to school as smooth as possible for the kids (and themselves!). Here's what they had to say:

On spending quality time together:

"[We] just have swimming days in the pool/lake—as many as possible to enjoy the summer!" - Kayo Master, Mi Cielo

"My oldest is just going into 1st grade but we are carrying on the tradition to have a special mom/daughter day before school starts—shopping, playing, and going out to lunch. Just the girls! I think I enjoy it as much as she does. " - Araya Jensen, Wind & Willow Home

On making the transition easier:

"We do a lot of talking about it. I share my school experiences with the kids and they ask questions. They think it is so cool that they are doing the same things and having the same feelings that their parents had (soooo long ago)." - Araya Jensen, Wind & Willow Home

"Tristan is actually starting kindergarten this month so it is a BIG step for us!! I'm planning on bringing him with me to every small event toward the starting day of school. That way, he can get used to the environment and have a better understanding of what will await him." - Kayo Master, Mi Cielo

"As daily preparations go and getting back into the swing of things, we do feel that it's important to have a fairly set schedule of morning duties, as children seem to self motivate and thrive when they know what's next! That starts with picking out outfits the night before, preparing the breakfast table the night before, and upon waking they are given about 10 minutes to wake up and stretch to prepare their bodies for a day full of activity." - Kiana Mosley

"We like to talk about the start of school several weeks before it actually happens, especially during meal times. This gets the girls excited to start. Also, when starting at new schools, we've been able to arrange get togethers with future classmates during the summer so that there are at least a few friendly faces on the first day." - Anri, Stitched by Anri

On making traditions: 

"For the car ride to school we pick a pretty upbeat soundtrack — that seems to influence a fun and positive attitude. Our favorites are MAGIC, Jack Johnson, Colbie Calliat, Sugar Ray. " - Kiana Mosley

"I do like to take a photo of them on the first day!" - Anri, Stitched by Anri

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  • holly stout on

    As a maker myself, as well as a mom to two young children, I just love reading about so many other creative individuals out there sharing in their experience of raising children, and going through the rituals of parenthood.

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